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I was fortunate enough to be one of the panelists at a recent Job Solutions event sponsored and hosted by Drexel’s Lebow School of Business.

The format:

  • 130 students from 24 area colleges, broken into groups of 4.

  • Each group had 25 minutes to spend with two panelists at a time about preparing the students for researching an internship or job, and eventually landing that job.

  • Panels included How to Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch, Networking Made Easy, Negotiating, and Best Resources for Researching a Job.

I was paired with Lyn Kremer of the Philadelphia Business Journal to discuss resource ideas for searching for and landing a job. Lyn did a great job breaking down the benefits and details of the Business Journal’s Book of Lists and the Business Journal’s other assets. I spent time talking about the Philly Ad Club website, the Ad News Magazine, and benefits of both when used appropriately.

I spent most of my time giving students advice on positioning themselves online. Here's some of the advice I gave out most frequently:

Start a blog. It showcases your personality, gives you the ability to showcase your work (design or copy talents), and suggests that you are proactive in nature. It also shows that you understand technology and content management systems enough to research the tools, and properly utilize them.

Do your research and make it personal. Don’t just send a LinkedIn connection blindly, make sure you create a personalized message. If you’re going to contact a person/company, find out a little something about them prior to reaching out. Give them props for a recent award, or new client acquisition, or a project that stood out to you in some way. “Dear Hiring Manager” isn’t going to get you much response.

Clean up your social media and use social media as a business tool. Set up a Twitter account and follow every company you’re interested in working for, and every person within that company that may be relevant to your search. RT relevant information from them, and learn about them, their hiring procedures, and be first in line when they tweet job openings.

It was great to be with the students for the day, and I was flattered that I was asked to join. If you have any extra questions as a student, or recommendations for them, feel free to let us know.

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