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Steven knocks on the door and greets you with a smile. “Do you have a minute?” He asks. This New Jersey native’s past career in sales gives him a straightforward approach and an appreciation for a good handshake. He studied English in college and zigzagged through his 20’s to find a passion for web development. You are perceptive and can tell from his demeanor and communication style that he has an affinity for understanding the “why” and “how” of the project. He wants to ask you a few questions: The first question is confirmative and the second question questions the implementation of a design. Below the high-level goals and business plan, there are unforeseen problems that have to be uncovered, down where ideas meet production and concepts meet code. Someone has to do the digging. Steven’s your man. He’s a digger. You don’t have time to talk right now but you stay because you have run out of sticky notes and you can’t let good questions slip away. You talk and realize that his questions have raised nothing but more problems that need solutions. But that’s ok. Steven loves problems, and he exits the room in search of new solutions. He’ll save the third question for another time.

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