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The opportunity

Negative or indifferent customer service is often mentioned as a prime reason for a decrease in customer loyalty or loss of business, regardless of price, product, or service.

Data has shown two key elements of differentiation in the customer service world. The first is that the extra time and money required to ‘delight’ customers shows no correlation between long-term loyalty; the key is meeting expectations. 

The second is that consistent, accurate, and multi-channel customer service teams do drive additional revenue and extend lifetime customer value.

How O3 can help

O3 has developed a customer service audit program that dives deep into the customer support journey to ensure you understand where you are today, and where you need to be going forward. Our focus:

  • Review of technology, processes and people
  • Training material assessment for consistency and accuracy
  • Support-related data capture and analysis
  • Reputation audit
  • Final results report and recommendations

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