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The opportunity

Most company’s “retention” plan is making counter-offers to departing employees. Companies often miss the early signs of unhappiness, and by time a counter-offer is made, the employee has already moved past their relationship with the company, sought out other opportunities, and received, negotiated, and accepted an offer.

Employee experience is a critical part of a company’s overall customer experience program as it is “every employee’s responsibility to ensure positive interactions with our customers”. The problem is that the employee experience is often the most ignored part of the program.

How O3 can help

With today’s ever growing resourcing problems associated with “the great resignation”, O3 has developed a proactive retention model that helps companies better understand potential concerns before it leads to resignations. Our focus:

  • Current resignation state analysis
  • Leadership and employee sentiment capture
  • Ideation session
  • Reputation audit
  • Final results report
  • Recommendations and roadmap

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