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The opportunity

You may have the best products or services in the world, but if your customers’ experiences interacting with you to buy them is unpleasant, meaningless or just doesn’t work, you risk losing sales and long-term loyalty.

User experience is not just the design elements of your brand, but also how your customers think and feel about their interactions with you. How does a visit with your brand leave them feeling? 

O3’s UX audit is a comprehensive review of your digital properties. From user data and behavior, to language, patterns and workflow, we look for opportunities to build consistency, implement best practices and drive conversions.

How O3 can help

The post-pandemic landscape is littered with companies forced into rapid digital transformations. Now is the time to go back and review your completed work to ensure the user experiences you created are optimized and working in your brand’s best interest. Our focus:

  • Review all current customer behavioral data
  • Consistency evaluation (language, colors, patterns, etc.)
  • Ensure best practices/conventions are followed site-wide
  • Information architecture
  • Messaging
  • Personalization opportunities
  • Content assessment

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