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We’ve all encountered bad customer experiences in our daily lives.

Poorly timed construction during a commute, broken links on a website, not considering the accessibility needs of all customers, making a retail return costly and complex.

At O3, while we can’t fix all of these things, we can solve for many by analyzing a company’s end-to-end customer journey. At some point, on a call, through an application, or in person, most companies are lacking to deliver a seamless, consistent, positive experience for their customers. And with more and more options for customers these days, they’re taking notice, losing patience and moving on to competitors.

The good news is that we can help strategize and implement design and technology solutions so you can focus on the finer things in life, like celebrating with your team on new customer excitement and loyalty.

grid featuring examples of bad experiences. broken grocery bag, traffic, broken plastic fork.

Check out our relevant case studies below to see how we’ve listened, translated insights and created strategic roadmaps to guide our partners on their mission to design and architect customer experience across the entire journey.

See how we helped Vertex respond to an evolving market.

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Find out how we designed the ideal customer experience for AmeriGas.

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