Data Visualization Driving Culture

What we’re Trying to Achieve

The Poolytics project was an experiment with real-time data visualization strategy, while driving some fun competition within the office.

How Did We Do This

The application uses open-source visualization libraries to track statistics in real-time as the pool game is being played. Players are rated by activities, past game stats and ranked by wins.

Poolytics Game screen
Poolytics leaderboard
Poolytics profile page

Technology Overview

Visualization Libraries

Using open-source, best of class visualization libraries such as D3.js, which is incredibly powerful and widely-used (New York Times, Simple, etc), we brought data to life.

Mongo DB

In order to effectively store data that can be updated in real-time, a data storage strategy was crucial. MongoDB is an open-source cross-platform document database.

Angular and Node.js

Using these two modern web technologies, we are able to push the boundaries for product integrations to drive these emerging data visualization techniques.

Business Application

Data visualization is a rapidly growing space, due to it’s story-telling ability. Having a product that can aggregate data sources and paint a picture quickly and concisely is crucial for business intelligence reporting. Utilizing real-time data, businesses will be able to adapt and forecast decisions around strategy proactively and more effectively. Further, clear data visualization that quickly communicates on something like energy usage could have a long term impact on personal efficiencies and create major aggregate gains simply by creating awareness.

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