Technology Meets Bathroom Humor

What we’re Trying to Achieve

Within a growing company, sometimes it can be hard to find an open restroom in the office. We pride ourselves as being efficient and problem-solvers, so we created an experiment to solve our real-life problem.

How Did We Do This

A Swift Mac OS X app, a Node.JS server, a couple of Raspberry Pis, physical door sensors, and an innovative Slack integration to ensure there’s more to our technological experiments than just bathroom humor.

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Technology Overview

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi, a revolutionary IoT device, communicates between our door sensors and our application to identify when a stall is occupied.


Node.js allowed us to quickly build an API to integrate our IoT device, Raspberry Pi, with our custom built Swift Mac OS X application.


To understand which restrooms were open and which were not, we created this custom application, to provide a visual menu on our computers for availability.

Business Application

This project was one of O3’s first crack at IoT development. It shows how common deficiencies in public spaces can be vastly improved with digital solutions. Something that is particularly special about this project is the use of sensors to track physical changes in an environment that are connected to a digital interface. The use of sensors can be vital in all sorts of applications—home security, door statuses (as applied in this project), physical changes in restricted areas (e.g. museums), etc. It can also act as the triggers for real space analytics. Imagine Google Analytics for your office or home.

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