Solving Meetings One Room at a Time

What we’re Trying to Achieve

Dozens of meetings are scheduled everyday, but too often those meetings exceed their assigned time slots. There are a ton of creative ways to let a coworker know when it’s time to wrap up a meeting, but we prefer to let the room do the talking.

How Did We Do This

This native Mac OS X app connects with the company's Google Calendar and a Philips Hue Bridge, which controls the rooms lighting. Upon detecting back-to-back meetings, Roombot dims the room’s lighting and announces the next scheduled meeting.

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Technology Overview

Google Calendar

We utilized the Google Calendar API to check our company calendar for internal and client meetings, to programmatically keep us on time and let us know a new meeting was starting.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting

Philips hue provided us with the ability to control smart lights in rooms via its official Philips hue API. When the lights flicker, our team knows it’s time to wrap up.


Swift enabled us to quickly and efficiently build a native Mac OS X application to tie it all together and alert employees that another meeting is beginning soon.

Business Application

Countless meetings are happening around the world and schedules are hard to keep. Having an application that proactively keeps team members on time increases efficiency and productivity. Integrating calendars with the physical space and conversational UI creates a solution where technology augments the need for human intervention. Since efficiency is key in business, the opportunity for technology to transform day-to-day interactions and processes could have a significant influence on the bottom line.

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