Theme Music

There’s No Snooze Button on Awesome

What we’re Trying to Achieve

Each O3 World team member’s theme music plays when he or she walks into the office, helping the whole team get pumped to start the day.

How Did We Do This

Using a custom-built iOS and Android mobile apps, bluetooth beacon technology, and a Raspberry Pi, our speakers are now prompted to play each individual’s theme music.

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Technology Overview

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi, a revolutionary IoT device, talks to our mobile apps and is used to identify which songs should be played.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology addresses the off-the-screen challenge of location awareness, which the mobile app utilizes to trigger music to play upon entry.

iOS / Android App

Triggered once a user’s phone is near a beacon, the native app signals the Raspberry Pi server to start playing the user’s theme song over the attached speakers.

Business Application

Bluetooth beacons provide a reliable method for detecting the location of a particular device (such as a phone) within a particular space. While we were experimenting with bluetooth beacons in our office, we thought that a great use of these devices would be in a department store, where customers are notified of specific promotions depending on which department they are located in at a given time. Over time, data collected from customer preferences and past purchases could be leveraged to personalize a customer's shopping experience and offer them "deals just for you." The in-store experience would become much more dynamic and engaging.

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