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For over 40 years, SEI has created innovative financial solutions for building and managing private and institutional wealth. SEI had a vision for a virtual advisor that delivered financial and investment planning advice in a purely digital way. And so Goal Investor® was born. Goal Investor is a virtual financial and investment planning and advice tool that guides and educates site visitors as they make life’s complex investment decisions.

Goal Investor Work

What We Did

A Simple Experience for a Complex Topic

Investing can be intimidating and complex to the everyday investor. So, working to make a complex topic simple, we created an innovative experience that guides and educates, helping users clarify their investment goals and understand their options. Through a user insight program that includes both quantitative and qualitative feedback and a technical, service layer architecture, we continuously improve the experience and add features and functionality.

By The Numbers

5+ Years we've worked together

100+ Releases over a five-year period

500+ Pull requests over the last year

The Details

Deep Dive into Consumer Investing

We continually research both the digital advisor landscape and review data and user insight to refine the Goal Investor experience.

A Knowledgeable Interface

For Goal Investor, we designed an elegant, mobile-friendly user experience that makes dense subject matter more approachable while promoting learning through interactivity.

A Smart, Scalable Solution

The platform and secure service layer architecture deliver smart, personalized content to each user while providing an environment where we can easily evolve the user experience.

In their own words

“We never felt as if we’re getting less than 100 percent. In fact, O3 World is so invested in the project that it often seemed we were their only client.”

Marcia Noa

VP, SEI Global Services