About Us

Our work is the result of a thousand little details, metrics based decisions, and relationships as important as the product itself.

O3 World is an interactive agency located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. We create brand experiences through websites, digital products, and applications for the best people in the world.

We take an iterative approach to all of our work, which enables us to build on and refine the experiences we create. By continually gathering user feedback, leveraging client insight, and examining multiple points of data, we ensure that creative details and technical nuances are constantly improving.

As a company, we believe in being connected to the world around us, as much as we’re tied to the computers in front of us. We do so by combining a positive culture – through teamwork and community giving – with a competitive drive that helps us push each other and the industry forward.

Our work goes beyond metrics and measurement, its about producing quality relationships with each other and our partners, like you.

Our People

At the end of the day, it’s about the people. And we have some very good people.