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End-to-end experience solutions

O3 is an experience consultancy specializing in building and optimizing every digital touchpoint along your organization’s customer journey. We play a strategic role in unifying internal teams and the company’s transformations through strategy, design, advanced technology, and innovation-led solutions.

We understand that there are various ways in which customers and employees interact with your brand. Our specialty is analyzing and enhancing every one of those interactions along their journey. Our balanced approach and offerings have made O3 unique since our inception in 2005. We work with you to strategically understand those moments to leverage your internal team’s skills and when to maximize ours, which is how we have built years-long partnerships with clients.

The customers’ expectations are ever-changing. We’re the consultancy partner that constantly adjusts to accommodate them.



Through conversations with you and time-tested research strategies, we learn everything we can about your audiences and how they engage with your brand, offerings, and products. These insights bring value and validity to the creative work we deliver to shape your future customer experiences.

Our Services
Data analysis + benchmarking
Brand + content assessment
Current journey mapping
Persona development
Advanced technology + CMS evaluation
Accessibility audit
Benchmark surveys
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We stay in constant communication with you and your team to set the groundwork for exceptional customer experiences. We start by charting a clear roadmap of long-term, customer-focused solutions to further align your team around your company’s objectives and set goals for measurable change.

Our Services
Customer experience (CX) strategy
Customer journey mapping
Personalization strategy
Conversion rate optimization
Innovation workshops
Customer insights programs
Related Work

Our team’s creativity, innovation, and strategic-thinking are set in motion to improve user experiences at every touchpoint of your customer journey. Our UX solutions achieve more seamless interactions and increase meaningful engagement with your audiences.

Our Services
Visual/brand design
UX audit
UX/UI design
Content strategy + copywriting
Motion graphics
Video production
User testing
Product prototyping

Watch as your vision comes to life through a successfully executed plan. Once you’ve received and implemented your digital solutions, you’ll have a new experience to support your audiences’ unique needs and your ultimate business goals.

Our Services
Software development
Custom web/mobile applications
Content management solutions
Marketing automation
Systems integration
API creation
Accessibility development
AI consulting


Meet the team

Headshot, Michael D. Soileau, new CEO.

Michael D. Soileau

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot, Talia Edmundson, Director of People.

Talia Edmundson

Director of Human Resources

Headshot, Jay Forbes, Director of Engineering.

Jay Forbes

Director of Engineering

Headshot, Mike Gadsby, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer.

Mike Gadsby

Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Headshot, Mahesh Gaitonde, Chief Digital Officer.

Mahesh Gaitonde

Chief Digital Officer

Headshot, Justin Handler, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Justin Handler

Senior Vice President,
Growth + Development

Headshot, Jackie Ost, Finance Manager.

Jackie Ost

Finance Manager

Headshot, Keith Scandone, Co-founder.

Keith Scandone


Headshot, Christine Sheller, Director of UX Design.

Christine Sheller

Senior Vice President, Experience Research + Design

Headshot, Mike Tarquinio, Senior Customer Experience Strategist.

Michael Tarquinio

Director of Client Strategy

Our values
Apply optimism

We are a positive, enthusiastic force with a collaborative spirit that brings out the best in others.

Trust in people

Trust is at the heart of all successful relationships. We build trust by bringing transparency, consistency, and professionalism to our everyday interactions with colleagues and clients alike.

Commit to community

We nurture an environment where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. To this end, we train our team regularly on diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to create positive change inside our company and within our communities.

Embrace iteration

The most impactful, effective customer experiences aren’t built in a vacuum. They emerge from an iterative “conversation” between businesses and their customers. Flexibility and feedback are key to our iterative approach.

Focus on the future

We use the latest technologies to push the boundaries and create experiences that are both functional and cutting edge.

Our technology partners
Together we create innovative customer experiences
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Investing in exceptional people, products, and experiences

Through our expertise and resources, we have empowered organizations to create better customer experiences across all digital channels. Along the way, we've met brilliant people with incredible ideas that range from successful startups to Fortune 500 companies. These innovators help redefine how we live and work — and we're excited to be a part of that and help foster their visions.

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O3 World is currently seeking a highly motivated, organized, creative and forward-thinking Project Manager with a passion for all things digital. Your primary responsibility will be to manage client projects from start to finish, being accountable for schedules, project deliverables, budget and resource management for our internal teams. You’ll work with a team of super smart people and have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of emerging technology and digital product development.

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