As Dylan Field, Figma’s Co-Founder + CEO, stepped onto Config’s stage on Wednesday wearing a “Now with AI” t-shirt, I knew we were in for a treat – and this year’s announcements did not disappoint. Here’s a list of updates, features + products announced at Config 2024 that I’m most excited about:

Work smarter, not harder

From finding designs with visual search to generating UI designs with prompts to renaming layers with a click of a button, Figma AI is going to streamline our daily workflow + help us be more efficient.

A redesigned interface

UI3, Figma’s third redesign, focuses on streamlining our work, creating consistency and prioritizing the future.

Ready for Dev enhancements

Statuses, notes + focus views will make collaborating with devs so much more efficient.

Auto Layout improvements

With the new “Suggest auto layout” feature, you can now build responsive components with a click of a button – say goodbye to the tedious task of adding auto layout frame-by-frame.

Getting started support

Access Apple iOS, Google Material Design 3, and Figma’s Simple Design System UI kits to help you get started on your next project.

Prototype upgrades

Preview your designs across different screen sizes with the new responsive prototype viewing option.

and last but not least…

A new way to present

Figma Slides, Figma’s newest product, is a presentation tool built with designers, their colleagues + their clients in mind and enables a new approach to crafting stories + engaging with audiences.

I’m so eager to implement all of these improvements into my workflow. Each update has the potential to improve the way we work on a day to day basis, which is why it makes it so hard to pick a favorite update. But if I had to pick… I’d choose Figma Slides! In full transparency, my excitement may be a *little* biased due to my team’s involvement with the project (more on that later), but biases aside, Slides is truly going to reimagine the way we engage with our clients + showcase our work.

Figma slides

Meet O3’s expert

Meet Simone Dehel, a certified expert in CPACC (Certified Professional in Accessibility Core) at O3. Simone is a Senior UX Designer who’s passionate about bridging the gap between accessible experiences and design. She embodies inclusivity, making sure accessibility is not just an add-on but a core part of creating experiences. Simone is one of our leading accessibility champions at O3, is the founder of our culture club, and serves as a design mentor at ADP List.

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