Fight against systemic racism and raise awareness for social injustices

We feel the emotional charge rocking through our community. We have a heavy heart for the suffering in our world right now: the sad, the angry, the fed up, and the people who just want to be heard.

We are channeling our energies to fight against systemic racism and raise awareness for social injustices. We will continue to support our local community and people of color by educating ourselves on how we can identify and confront biases.

In addition to matching all employee donations made to fund racial justice, we are donating to Philadelphia-based organizations.

We are connecting with leaders in our city to rise up, speak, and amplify the voices of those facing injustices. We are also talking with companies in our industry to see how we can band together to come up with real resolutions.

We urge you to stand alongside visionary activists to learn, grow, and enact change with us. You can start by absorbing what these educators are saying.

For those looking to step up and be part of the solution, human rights activists Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein compiled a full list of anti-racism resources here.

With Love & Respect,
Keith Scandone, Mike Gadsby and the entire O3 World team

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