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The opportunity

More often than not, the key to a successful digital marketing initiative isn’t the latest marketing technology (MarTech) or the tools, rather it’s how you use them.

If not implemented and used in the right manner, experience platforms, CRM, customer data platforms, product information, DAMs, and other tech integrations can weave a tangled web.

With over 7,000 solutions/products in the marketplace, the vendor landscape can feel chaotic and daunting. If you’re considering a new marketing technology, we recommend a methodical approach that starts with an assessment.

How O3 can help

A MarTech assessment consultation can help you gain a clear understanding of the current state, so you can plan a better tomorrow.

We work together with you to understand your goals and measures of success and develop insights that will help identify:

  • The best platforms/tools to retain, optimize or sunset for your unique needs
  • How to harness the full power of your MarTech stack
  • The process and operations needed to realize these plans
  • A high-level roadmap to marketing automation success

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