The worlds of art and technology have been doing a delicate dance for some time now, and the rhythm is only intensifying. Enter AI, that partner in the creative journey, which is often spoken of in tones that are a blend of respect, awe, and a dash of trepidation. For Philadelphia’s creator community, the use of AI is both a challenge and an opportunity. The upcoming  discussion at Philly Ad Club’s Impact & Innovation Series, is set to illuminate just that – AI’s impact on the creative process, with a spotlight on the essential tools and mindsets needed to flourish in this new era.

Mike Gadsby, Tim Simmons and Shane Santiago will discuss AI’s impact on the creative community.

Event details

Date: Friday, April 12th

Time: 12:00 to 1:30 pm

Location: REC Philly, 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA

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AI as a creator’s assistant, not a replacement

It’s critical to remember that AI doesn’t diminish the role of the creator – it canaugment it. The Invisible Assistant Theory posits that AI should act as a silent collaborator, empowering creators by handling mundane and repetitive tasks so that they can focus on what matters – the creative output. The AI that suggests the next move in a chess game now advises on financial strategies and marketing ploys. How does this affect creators? When AI is understood not as a threat but as a partner, fertile ground is laid for  ideas that blend the organic and the synthetic.

Spotlight on success: Scarlet AI and Its Impact

O3 and REC Philly previously teamed up in an effort to use artificial intelligence to boost the creative gig economy. Together we created Scarlet AI, a virtual assistant designed to make REC’s digital platform more user-friendly and personalized. This move made managing bookings and sharing information easier and improved the overall user experience.


AI and creativity can be mutually beneficial relationships that propel both disciplines to new heights. The event at REC Philly is a testament to this potential, and we invite you to participate in this dialogue that is shaping the present and future of creativity.

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