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The opportunity

Companies are filled with idea people, but how do you know which ideas will work, which ideas to fund and which to pass on?

O3 has perfected customer experience strategy to help take your idea and bring it to life through visual exploration, UI/UX, and clickable prototypes that we will use to validate the idea with real customers.

CX strategy is a critical part of any company’s process before jumping into the deep-end with any project or product idea. The small upfront investment can help save precious time and money during the decision making process while allowing your customers to shape the roadmap ahead.

How O3 can help

O3 will collaborate with you to ideate, design and validate your project and/or product ideas prior to full sign-off and funding to ensure your investment has legs. The work includes:

  • CX Strategy
  • Landscape analysis
  • Journey mapping
  • Creative visualization
  • Prototype development
  • User testing and concept validation

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