Together, O3 and REC—a robust network of creative professionals—saw an opportunity to expand upon their digital platform by creating a hyper-personalized experience inspired by the face of REC. As strategic consultants, we guided our client through the process of prototyping, validating, and developing an OpenAI personal assistant.


To elevate the digital experience, we devised a strategy to introduce a virtual assistant for creators, inspired by REC’s Membership Director and developed with OpenAI’s large language models. Our team quickly built a proof of concept to test the experience with real staff members and, through iteration, developed an MVP in a highly secure Azure environment.

The welcoming face of REC now provides users with a conversational experience that ties personalization into the membership experience. All of the knowledge Scarlet holds is used by Scarlet AI to communicate information about the company and manage bookings with users in a more memorable and engaging way.


days to conceptualize and launch Scarlet


number of interactions within the first 30 days