Brian Crumley CPACC, a Staff Engineer at O3, has become a founding member of ProFound, an initiative dedicated to creating a powerful professional network of disability-inclusive leaders.

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The vision of ProFound

ProFound, an organization dedicated to advancing disability inclusion and accessibility in the professional realm, is bringing together like-minded professionals who champion the cause of disability inclusivity. ProFound seeks to create a network that can effect change, both within individual organizations and across industries.

Brian Crumley’s role

As a Staff Engineer at O3, Brian has consistently demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to advance O3’s accessibility efforts. Being part of the September cohort of Founding Members at ProFound is a testament to Brian’s dedication. He joins a select group of innovators who are making a tangible impact on the workforce and the world at large.

O3’s commitment to accessibility

O3 has long been at the forefront of advocating for accessibility and inclusivity. The company understands that creating accessible and inclusive customer experiences is not just a moral obligation but an imperative. Brian’s involvement in this initiative not only reflects his personal dedication but also aligns with O3’s values.

ProFound’s approach to creating a professional network of disability-inclusive leaders emphasizes the power of collaboration. In an interconnected world, change often happens when individuals and organizations come together to share knowledge, experiences, and resources.

By joining this powerful professional network of disability-inclusive leaders, O3 continues to play a pivotal role in driving positive change in the workforce and the broader community. Through collaboration, shared knowledge, and a shared passion for inclusivity, O3 and ProFound are working together to make a positive impact on the world. Together, we’re proving that disability inclusion is not just an ideal but a reality that can be achieved through collective effort.

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