O3’s SVP of Experience Research + Design joined Ryan Starr’s latest episode of “The Retouch” to chat about life in Los Angeles, her exciting work at O3, and how AI and UX intersect.

Outside of O3, Christine also serves an Adjunct, Associate Professor at the renowned ArtCenter College of Design. Ryan and she talk about how inspiring it is for her to teach in the Interaction Design program and see all the incredible work on ArtCetner’s Pasadena campus.

The conversation dives into the topic of AI as it relates to UX, and O3’s research and design team are approaching it from two key perspectives.

1) Automation

First, automation—finding tasks that take a lot of time and work, like eliminating “ums” in video editing or finding common themes in user research and interviews. Making these processes easier to use and faster by streamlining and automating the boring and time-consuming parts.

2) Ideation

Secondly, ideation—which includes everything from content creation to generating and sourcing imagery—can help streamline the UX process and make work easier. Despite concerns within the industry about the impact of AI, Christine reassures listeners that AI is not a threat to job security but rather a tool to enhance productivity. Additionally, she stresses how important it is for UX professionals to adopt AI practices into their work.

Christine says it well when she says that the path into the future of design is like going into uncharted territory. Tune in to hear directly from Christine and discover the exciting possibilities that AI unfolds at O3, shaping the landscape of design.

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