Digital accessibility considerations should go beyond simply meeting standards. With our support, your experiences can attract and delight users of all abilities.

At O3, we understand that the best digital experiences are the ones that are accessible to all. Embracing accessibility is not just about compliance, but about optimizing to create a more equitable experience. It’s about making sure your digital product caters to users with various visual, auditory, motor, cognitive, and physical abilities. Because when everyone can access your website, everyone can engage with and remember your brand.

By the numbers


of working people have some form of a disability


of individuals around the world have some form of a disability


of disabilities aren’t identifiable by looking at a person


annual discretionary income among working-age individuals with disabilities


Accessibility benefits us all

Promoting accessibility in your digital products doesn’t mean compromising on design or business goals. Partnering with O3 for accessibility solutions ensures your organization becomes a leader in inclusive customer and employee experiences — ultimately improving loyalty and elevating your brand.

Here are some key benefits of embracing accessibility:

Alignment with web best practices

Web accessibility aligns with many other digital best practices, including responsive design for varied screen sizes and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you prioritize accessibility, your product becomes more user-friendly, enhancing its performance and usability.

Elevated customer experience (CX)

Great CX requires that accessibility be integrated at every stage of your digital product’s lifecycle. Accessible customer experiences are good customer experiences; they improve the experience for everybody, regardless of their abilities.

Broadened market reach

Addressing accessibility issues means making your products and services available to a wider audience. This inclusivity can unlock new markets and revenue streams — driving your organization’s growth.

Enhanced brand reputation

Establishing a comprehensive accessibility strategy can elevate your brand image and reputation. Taking this initiative can increase sales and customer loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity.

Minimized legal risk

While implementing accessibility might involve some costs, the cost of ignoring it can be far greater — potentially harming your brand’s reputation. Being proactive in addressing accessibility reduces the risk of legal implications.


How we can help

End-to-end accessibility

From concept through delivery, utilize a comprehensive set of top-tier tools to address accessibility considerations holistically in strategy, design, development, and testing.

Digital accessibility audits

Conduct thorough audits for your digital resources, including websites, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints to ensure compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Building accessible design systems

Guide you towards building accessible design systems and tooling that enable your in-house creative teams to feel confident that inclusive design stays top of mind.

Ongoing monitoring and remediation

Provide ongoing accessibility monitoring and remediation services to maintain the accessibility and compliance of your digital experiences and products over time.

Automated accessibility testing workflow for development

Implement an automated testing workflow for software development that helps your team catch accessibility issues early in the process, saving you time and resources.

Journey accessibility analysis

Analyze the physical and digital touchpoints of your customer and employee journey to identify barriers and opportunities for improvement.

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Inclusivity is critically important. For your brand. For your customers. For your employees.

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