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Linode is a cloud hosting platform that services over 400,000 customers including The Onion, Creative Commons, and WP Engine. The Linode Manager allows customers to create, manage, and deploy virtual servers and services through a web interface. While the platform has thousands of new Linodes getting deployed daily, the experience from first touch to purchase and deployment to ongoing use needed some simplification and updates to help improve the overall customer journey.

Linode Work

What We Did

Intuitive experience for a technical product

O3 was brought on to do high-level CX strategy and create a user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design for the new Linode Manager. From the outset, we conducted landscape and customer research to understand the market. We then worked collaboratively with Linode’s founder and technical leadership as well as our own developers to produce a product experience that aligned with business objectives and the product roadmap. We leveraged a series of UI systems to create an experience that was simple, refined, and learnable. The result is a scalable solution that easily accounts for new ideas, features and functionality.

By the numbers

243 Touchpoints throughout the engagement

37 Elements represented in UI Kit

2 O3 developers providing technical insight