Putting empathy back in your strategy

It happens too often that in many companies the loudest voice in the room makes all the decisions; with a lot of confidence and a touch of ego, but without empathy for their customers.

User types are data-driven user archetypes that should be continually referenced to better understand the various objectives and motivations of your customers. These segments are a key first step in understanding your customers needs; empathy allows you to put yourself in their shoes.

O3 has designed a collaborative workshop that leverages quantitative and qualitative data to discover and create reliable and factual representations of your actual customers.

Although we have best practices in place to spark results, at O3 it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The benefit of working with us is that we customize our solutions based on you and your customers’ unique needs. Our user type workshop can include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Customer research
  • Data analysis
  • Segmentation and background
  • Defining goals, motivations, + dissatisfaction
  • User visualization
  • User type training

How O3 can help

Your partner in all things
user types

O3 will collaborate with you to design, develop, and validate your user types to leverage during design and development decisioning.