Managing legal documents can be a daunting task, especially for those of us who are not lawyers and have hundreds of other responsibilities to worry about. As we consider the various contracts and other legal documents we have in place, the challenge is finding a reliable and affordable way to ensure the details align with current federal, state and municipal guidelines. We often find ourselves in the dark, uncertain about the currency and accuracy of legal documents. Enter a groundbreaking solution addressing real-time challenges in legal document management.


Through our partnership with a prominent innovation studio, we provide strategic guidance, testing, and execution support for AI solutions. Often, standard contracts are out of date or missing key content, and examining each passage can be very tedious and prone to error – a perfect opportunity for generative AI. Our solution quickly breaks down legal documents and compares them to a “gold standard” in order to provide guidance on passages to address. This saves hours of tedious work and mitigates risk.


Days to build and validate production ready prototype

30-60 sec

Time to process 10+ page legal document