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Driven to create new experiences that solve real-world problems, our Labs program is a place where we combine our extensive background in innovation processes with new emerging technologies to better understand how both fit into your digital ecosystem. By doing so, we’re able to strategize and iterate on new ideas that allow our clients to get ahead in the marketplace.

New & emerging technologies

We're continually experimenting with new solutions to better serve your needs. Labs can be fun and exciting, but our program is highly strategic. We look to couple these solutions with key client pain points and opportunities. Below is a list of technologies we regularly work with and experiments we’ve conducted.

O3 Barista

AI & machine learning

We leverage AI frameworks like IBM Watson to create engaging experiences that can be both personalized and predictive.


Chatbot & voice

Conversation is the interface of the future. We have built solutions to daily challenges using voice and chat technologies.

O3 Moods

Smart spaces, data & IOT

In various experiments, we combine technologies to make our space smart and provide insightful data for future iterations.

Innovative partnerships

In addition to internal experimentation, we regularly work with innovation teams as a strategic partner to guide processes around innovation. We also actively search for opportunities to experiment with clients, strategic partners and vendors. See how we’ve partnered with others in the past and learn how our services can complement your next innovation project.

Vertex Chatbot

An innovative partnership

We teamed up with Vertex to create a chat-based interface to streamline support requests and knowledge management.

Innovation Workshops

Innovation workshops

We regularly conduct innovation workshops to flesh out new actionable ideas with clients.

Partnering to Experiment - Whiteboard Sketches

Partnering to experiment

We’re actively seeking bold teams who are looking to solve business challenges through new and emerging technologies.