An innovation group and internal accelerator at a major healthcare institution needed a strategic partner to support its program built around continuously enhancing its patient and healthcare experience. While the organization and its cohort of start-ups are steeped in medical expertise, both lacked strategic methodologies, and design and engineering processes necessary to develop these various digital products. Additionally, they required a process for quickly assessing concepts and validating market adoption before making huge investments into each concept.


Over the course of a 5-year partnership, O3 has guided this institution in developing its innovation practice and collaborating with its cohort of aspiring companies to design, develop, test and validate new digital experiences within the healthcare space.

Helping to implement the innovation process, we design, developed and validated 8 products – including solutions for patients experiencing cognitive issues, voice-activated hands-free instructional care for medical procedures, and a digital feeding guide and educational exploration for families with tube-fed children. The latter even led to a publicly-announced partnership with a Fortune 100 brand.


Projects over a 5-year partnership


Innovative project sold to Fortune 100 company