The Problem

With approximately two million customers in all 50 states, AmeriGas is America’s largest propane distributor. With that kind of reach, AmeriGas’s digital ecosystem needs to make the customer experience as effective and efficient as possible. As its desire to optimize the digital experience has become more and more of a priority, AmeriGas needed a partner to assess its roadmap to make sure it was, in fact, driving every day.

The Solution

AmeriGas tapped O3 to conduct a complete assessment of its digital customer experience (CX) from first touchpoints, through the sales process and on to service, refill and support. We took a deep dive into the propane landscape and service space and provided a comprehensive analysis of AmeriGas’s customer experience from end-to-end and helped to visualize what was possible through a future-forward prototype. As we uncovered experience and technology gaps, we helped AmeriGas prioritize its digital initiatives for years to come.