The Problem

The Institutes are a not-for-profit that provide risk management and insurance education to advance skills, build knowledge, and stay ahead of evolving trends. Traditionally offering a digital self-study experience, The Institutes sought a digital transformation process to evolve their customer experience. They knew that to compete in today’s world, they would need to modernize their technology infrastructure, including the ability to purchase courses and exams online more seamlessly. With many years of technical debt and a user experience based on aging technology, The Institutes looked for a partner to help build alongside their internal development team a new website CMS, commerce components, and an accessible front-end.

The Solution

Partners since 2017, O3 and The Institutes embarked on a process to transform their technology and enable a seamless customer experience. O3 led The Institutes and their design partner through a comprehensive technology discovery and strategy process to lay out the roadmap for execution. Through our research, we decided to build a new marketing experience on Drupal CMS to allow for easy content administration and workflows. Additionally, we worked closely with their internal team to spec and integrated with their custom APIs that helped drive the commerce and customer portal touchpoints. Uniquely, we leveraged a headless approach for all dynamic commerce components, allowing for dynamic pricing and checkout functionality. Post-launch, O3 provided UX and user-testing support to improve the checkout flows. The result was a modern customer experience that has enabled The Institutes to better serve those interested in risk management and insurance education.