The Problem

With the resources to create content and monitor its impact, 3BL distributes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) content from leading brands to a global audience of stakeholders. When this communications partner sought out O3’s consultancy expertise, we worked together to develop a strategy for creating a new end-to-end customer experience — which included brand enhancements, data visualization, and a CMS migration from Drupal 7 to 9.

The Solution

By considering each segment’s experience within the platform, we were able to offer 3BL a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of their clients’ journeys and their employees’ needs. Through collaboration with 3BL and our partners at Acquia (who provided pipelines and BLT), we reintroduced this product to market with a more seamless customer experience. The new platform reduces time and simplifies the process of creating and storing flexible media releases, or FMRs. With a streamlined and more modern CMS, 3BL can continue offering their world-class editorial expertise to organizations in need.


1-2 million

Avg. new analytics events processed
per day


Pieces of content migrated to Drupal 9


Increase in Google Lighthouse score